Our Purpose

We love the oceans, the life in it, and our fellow humans on this planet. We have seen multiple efforts over the past several years that have promised big results. Yet years later, we haven't seen any results, only more promises. So, we got to work, designed a system that is resilient, able to operate in challenging seas, and recovers both micro and macro plastics.
Oceanamatica is a comprehensive program to recover ocean plastics, process those into bulk plastic pellets, and put back into the supply chain. With open arms we also want to build a community of like-minded people. We cannot do this by ourselves, please join us!

To Purify

The ocean is a source of life and home to thousands of sea creatures. Over 1.6 MILLION TONS of waste enter the ocean EVERY HOUR. It needs our help to make sure it is cleaned and stays cleaned for all creatures of this planet.

To Educate

Awareness of the problem is the first step to solving it. This is why we help educate both generations of today and tomorrow on the problem and what can be done to solve it.

To Innovate

In order to save the ocean, we need tools that can help us clean it. Through technology, we are able to design, prototype, and create solutions that will aid us in the purification process.