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Oceanamatica is a global ocean waste management company established to be engaged by unified government groups (UN, EU, Etc,) federal governments, and large corporations, to clean the oceans as their contracted entity.

Oceanamatica works hard in three areas:

Purify - Our primary work of cleaning the oceans of plastic and other rubbish.

Educate - With a focus on children education with our comic books and onsite outreach - we know that children can effect change to ensure their own generation, they are also great influencers to other generations.

Innovate - We believe in continual improvement. Step by step, we will continue to innovate, invent and design our own technologies, and integrate and apply other new technologies as they become available.

Our powerpoint presentation for general audiences can be found here.
Our powerpoint presentation for technical audiences can be found here.

Some Questions and Answers:

Q- What makes your system different or better than OceanCleanup?

A- We are driven to go and get to work immediately. We are not an eco-marketing company 'looking' at an issue. OceanCleanup has received in excess of 40,000,000.00 dollars (US) and not picked up any plastics. In that time period, over 14 BILLION pounds of trash has been dumped into the oceans according to 4ocean. We do not see the need to buy expensive jets to do research on an issue we are all well aware of. While our system may ultimately be superseded by a better design, we know this one works, and will start cleaning the oceans on day one. We get to work now, and refine the design later. We simply cannot afford to wait any longer.


Q- How do you address the issue of enormous costs?

A- This is a multi-billion dollar problem, no matter what system you want to use. Ours reduces costs in a number of ways:
1. We use operational units that go to the point of concentration of the plastic.
2. We use remotely operated and robotic vessels that do not require life safety systems, or support. Simple vessels reduce costs dramatically.
3. We process the plastics at sea on the base ship. This further reduces the cost of transport of the materials being returned to industry.

To Purify

The ocean is a source of life and home to thousands of sea creatures. Over 1.6 MILLION TONS of waste enter the ocean EVERY HOUR. It needs our help to make sure it is cleaned and stays cleaned for all creatures of this planet.

To Educate

Awareness of the problem is the first step to solving it. This is why we help educate both generations of today and tomorrow on the problem and what can be done to solve it.

To Innovate

In order to save the ocean, we need tools that can help us clean it. Through technology, we are able to design, prototype, and create solutions that will aid us in the purification process.