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Oceanamatica Macro Plastics Recovery Program Support us

Due to the challenges of recovering the plastics and other trash floating on and in the ocean, we have developed a micro and macro recovery programs. Both programs operate without human presence on board, thus reducing the build and operating costs dramatically.

The macro program uses a remote operated and monitored surface vessel designed to harvest the large plastic and other trash that is at the surface down to 2m subsurface. As you will see in many photos of the garbage patches, everything from old tube monitors to coolers have spent years on the ocean. Many of these pieces spend years, even a decade or more floating on the ocean. It is evidence that this problem will not just go away. Things such as coolers are designed to be indestructible. We must go and recover them.

This solar and wind powered electric vessel is designed to recover garbage and return to a centralized floating processing ship.

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