Approximately 1.6 MILLION TONS
    of waste enters our ocean EVERY HOUR.
  • Innovate
    We create solutions to clean the ocean
  • Educate
    What can be done about the trash?
    What can you do to help?

The Ocean Needs Our Love!

We love the oceans, we know you do too! We have seen multiple efforts over the past several years that have promised big results. Yet years later, we haven't seen any results, only more promises. So, we got to work, designed a system that is resilient, able to operate in challenging seas, and recovers both micro and macro plastics. Our mission is the world and we cannot do this alone. Your support will not only help clean the ocean, but also save the many sea creatures that call the ocean it's home.

MissionClosed Loop (Circular Economy) Ocean Waste Management

This is a global effort we are making! We can't do this alone, we have to have you!!! That's why we are extremely grateful for each and every single one of our partners. With their help, we can succeed!!