Our oceans are integral as a source of life on this planet.

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It is a tragic message to the humans on our planet, we have damaged the oceans, are damaging the oceans daily. This problem is getting exponentially worse, and needs hundreds, if not thousands of people to help.

We know that there are other efforts out there to recover ocean plastics. Some are very well funded with tens of millions of dollars, and have not recovered one single piece of plastic, and now make unrealistic claims to have all the oceans cleaned in just a few months of a future deployment.

Frankly- that just isnt plausible and we can no longer wait.

Oceanamatica is a team of people who are here to work. We do not need to fly around the world on our own 747 jet to get the word out. We just need funding to build vessels to go and recover plastics. This is trash collection, and we know how to get it done.

Additionally, it is going to take more than just one or two companies. We need many people, all working together as a global team. Please consider helping us, either by contribution, volunteer hours (including remote), or just become a fierce reduce, reuse, and recycle advocate and trainer for others.

For the love of the people and animals on our dear planet Earth, we look forward to working with you!

The expense of operating at sea.

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One of the huge advantages that automated or remote operated vessels have is a safer operation. By not having people living and working on a platform at sea, or on a vessel, we remove not only the risk of loss of life, but also reduce costs dramatically.

One model that we are looking at is to partner with companies that are willing to build a sort of mother ship- a processing plant ship that is fed by our vessels to bring them the plastics. There is one such company working on a large processing vessel to reduce repurpose plastics into liquid carbon and by products for use in construction, clothing, etc.

It is still a bit challenging and expense to operate at sea, and even moreso on the open ocean for weeks at a time.

Please read over the technical plans and details to find out why we need your contributions for this effort.

Be excellent to your crew and your ship, earth.

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